Monday, 31 March 2008

Good Scoops

What's the best source for market information? And I don't just mean stock tips. I mean detailed information about the economy. The answer: milkmen, newspaper boys, postmen, courier delivery boys and the like.

Come religious holidays, and they all show up at our doors, asking for a little 'grease money'. Pass them a note of a denomination any less than or equal to 50 and they start quoting figures that would put most management students to shame. "Inflation, price index, globalisation, weakening Rupee, increasing oil prices leading to increasing prices on everything else, rising prices of blue chip stocks..."

Take my advice, Mr. Chidambaram. Knock off your entire ministry; replace them with these guys. They know more than the past three years worth of Business Todays and Outlooks put together.

Refer the Indiabulls Smart Investor Ad (can't find it on YouTube).

2 member protest rally:

Ani said...

hey that guy in the ad is smart enough to pwn you, and you, and you.

On his Own.

Jhayu said...

Who are you talking to man??? No, really.. There's no real comment threads for you to be talking to real people...

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