Friday, 28 March 2008

Things Not To Say In A Job Interview

  1. 'So tell me about a time you failed.'
    'Well, there was this science project at school; it was on cloning... Yeah, so that kinda went bad. But my second head is a little emotional about it, so I wouldn't get much into it if I were you...'

  2. 'Wow. I'm sorry, I wasn't listening... By the way, you got some rack, I gotta tell you...'

  3. 'Your sister is fine. I mean, DAMN!'

  4. 'Yo mama so ugly...'

  5. 'Do you have any questions about the company?'
    'Yeah, where the Cheetos at? They told me you get free Cheetos here.'

1 member protest rally:

Ani said...

You got the wrong office man!

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